Light Graffiti, 2012

Gesture controlled drawing application in light graffiti style

Light Graffiti is a gesture controlled drawing application where the resulted drawings look like neon glow. The idea was to make the visuals similar to the traditional light graffiti that you can create with a light source photographed with long exposure.

Also pay attention on how we handled the gesture of lifting the “spray” by the multiplication and parallax effect on the hand cursor.

Our software augments the users’ gestural movements by an elastic physical simulation, similarly to Paul Haeberli’s historical DynaDraw from 1989. Using the same technique that Haeberli applied to filter mouse positions, we acquired the user’s hand from a Microsoft Kinect sensor that pulls on the brush with a synthetic rubber band.

The movement of the user generates sparking particles on screen. The dynamic filtering of the gestures creates smooth, calligraphic strokes, which are rendered in the Cinder ( framework using OpenGL shaders.